Outsourcing to Local Administrative Consultants – Is it Right For Your Business?

We all know what the economy has been like the last year, and it isn’t worth repeating. Many employers have been forced to lay off dozens, hundreds or even thousands of hard working employees. So what happens when a small business with 10 employees now has downsized to 4? Those 4 employees who are grateful they are still employed are now reassigned new and additional duties that they are not qualified to do. So what is an employer to do? Outsource. Outsource to a qualified company who can offer an affordable rate with exceptional services. By outsourcing your administrative duties, you are getting customized services without the price tag.

By outsourcing to an administrative consulting service company, you get all the benefits of an in house admin without having to pay payroll taxes, benefits or contribute to a 401k. While this is a great set up for a lot of existing businesses and start-ups, you must first understand what an administrative consultant will, and won’t do.

Admin Consultants work off site. For the most part, they are available M-F, and sometimes on weekends depending on their schedule. They may not be available the second you need them, so set up a schedule if you know you will need assistance on a certain day/time.

Many Admin Consultants will have contacts for other services you may need. A lot of consultants attend networking events and stay in contact with other consultants. If you need a special service or have a project that needs competition, ask your consultant! He/She may be able to recommend someone qualified.

Pay your Admin on time and in full. Even though Admins are not on your direct payroll, they are still providing a vital service to you. The good thing about an admin consultant is that you can set up your own payment schedule-weekly, bi-weekly or once a month!

Realize that many admin consultants, or ‘virtual assistants’ are business owners, just like you. Treat them with respect and understand that their time is valuable just like yours.

Administrative Consultants can be of a great service to you and your business, but you have to be willing to accept the trade offs. Outsourcing can save you time, money and a lot of headaches, just make sure you find an Admin Consultant who is vested in their business and it will reflect in yours.

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